We are pleased to offer The Victoria Snelgrove Memorial Scholarship to students from East Bridgewater High School and Emerson College.

Eligible students should contact their school advisor for application information.

Past Recipients
East Bridgewater High School
2015 - Samantha Gustafson and Kendra Crowley
2014 - Brynne Connolly and Elizabeth LeBlanc
2013 - Allison Martin and Kevin Gambino
2012 - Melissa Figueiredo and Nicole Abbott
2011 - Laura Norment and Amanda Cullinan
2010 - Cody Wakeman and Erin Rapp
2009 - Timothy Hill and Danielle Madden
2008 - Kimberly Whiting and Emily Kozak
2007 - Alycia Robinson and Sarah Murphy
2006 - Jamie Gilbride and Molly E. Brophy
2005 - Jennifer Petti

Emerson College
2012-2013 - Ariana Sandillo
2010-2011 - Arvid E. Brown
2009-2010 - Matthew Flores
2008-2009 - James O'Leary
2007-2008 - Evan Bryan Crean
2006-2007 - Elizabeth Reinholt
2005-2006 - Katie Losito

Thoughts & Tributes

I feel safe knowing that you are up there looking down at all of us, protecting and guiding us every day. You always did look after me. I hope you know how special you are to me and that every moment that I go through you will be there with me every step. You might even find me talking to you. I was so lucky to know you and to have all the memories I do with you. The memories are what will keep me going and smiling when the days are rough. I will just think of your laugh or your karaoke voice and it will make my day a lot better. I hope you know how big of an impact you had on many lives and how most of us will never be the same because of how much you changed us.   - Love, Lu Sometimes, through life you meet people who you think are great people, they come and go. Then there are other people who leave such an impression on your heart that you can't help but carry them with you forever. That was Torie. Just wrote to let you know she is missed across the globe.   - Love, Leslie I think of you often. I think about who you would be and where you would live. . For some reason, I picture you fulfilling your dreams out west, most likely LA. Of course a great place for the girls and I to come visit you! I think of this and I smile. I deeply wish we had more time with you, but find comfort in knowing that you are always looking down on us. Loving & thinking of you always – Mollie-
March 6, 2013   - Mollie Lamoureux(frenier)