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I just wanted to reach out and send my thoughts and prayers. Torie was one year older than me in school. She was in my multi-media class and I will never forget her. She was beautiful, confident, and extremely smart. I looked up to her. After the tragedy, I remember writing about it and submitting it to my college paper. If I can somehow find it, I would love to share it with you. I just want you to know that she effected more people than she knew. She was a beautiful soul and is now always with you. Love and prayer. -Rachel - Rachel Pooler

:o( I remember Torie so well even though the last time we met was in 2002 at the Walt Disney World College Internship...we worked together at Casey's Corner..

i miss her dearly... she was an amazing person with an amazing personality.

Deborah Rodriguez-Capacetti - Deborah Rodriguez-Capacetti
I think of you often. I think about who you would be and where you would live. . For some reason, I picture you fulfilling your dreams out west, most likely LA. Of course a great place for the girls and I to come visit you! I think of this and I smile. I deeply wish we had more time with you, but find comfort in knowing that you are always looking down on us. Loving & thinking of you always – Mollie-
March 6, 2013 - Mollie Lamoureux(frenier)
Please know how very grateful we all are. Because of the assistance of your wonderful memorial fund, we were able to fulfill every wish.
Warm jackets, winter snow boots, hats, scarves and gloves were the most requested items asked for from parents of growing children; items they coud not afford to purchase themselves.
From H.U.G.S. - HUGS (Help Us Give Support)
"I've had the pleasure of having several classes with Bob Clinkscale. Not only has he raved about what an ambitious journalist Victoria was, but he also praised her grace and humility as a young woman. That being said, I am both honored and privileged to be this year's Snelgrove Memorial Scholarship recipient (2012) So that I may continue the passion driven trail that Victoira once walked herself. From the bottom of my heart I thank you for believing in me." - Ariana Sandillo
Thank you so very much for the beautiful playground you helped create at the Brookfield School in Brockton. I am a teacher there, and I cannot even explain to you how much joy it's brought our students this year!! It still feels new each and every day!! A fan favorite is the monkey bars and the horizontal slanted climbing bars. They hang like monkeys on a daily basis!! I've seen kids go from discouraged to proud on the monkey bars over the course of this year!! Thank you, thank you for the immense joy you've brought the kids at our school!! ;)

Lindsay Hight - Lindsay Hight
Sometimes, through life you meet people who you think are great people, they come and go. Then there are other people who leave such an impression on your heart that you can't help but carry them with you forever. That was Torie. Just wrote to let you know she is missed across the globe. - Love, Leslie
Yesterday is past, it is history.
Tomorrow is the future, it is a mystery.
Today is the present, it is a gift.
Torie, you are the TRUE GIFT! - Love always, Amy
I feel safe knowing that you are up there looking down at all of us, protecting and guiding us every day. You always did look after me. I hope you know how special you are to me and that every moment that I go through you will be there with me every step. You might even find me talking to you. I was so lucky to know you and to have all the memories I do with you. The memories are what will keep me going and smiling when the days are rough. I will just think of your laugh or your karaoke voice and it will make my day a lot better. I hope you know how big of an impact you had on many lives and how most of us will never be the same because of how much you changed us. - Love, Lu
I so wish you were heard. I think of you daily and miss you! I hope wherever you are, you are happy and know you're loved. - Sara
I know I can't say anything to comfort you, but please know how your daughter has impacted me. I am a better person today because of her. Please know that I miss her every day but a piece of her lives on in all of us that she touched. A piece of Torie will forever be with me. If I can ever do anything, whether it be laughing about old memories or to catch you up on the latest gossip in an 21 year olds life, let me know. I just want to thank you for raising such an amazing person! - Kristin
I am writing this note to thank you for a very memorable Saturday in October. I headed over to the Middle School to lend a hand for a little while on a playground project. Let me just tell you I was blown away by the spirit and attitude and hard work of you both and your family. I could not leave once I was there.

I'm sure your hearts break every day for your loss, but I'm also sure Torie is so proud of her beautiful family and how they touch other people's hearts through her memory. Once again, thank you for all you do for our children. - Janices Picklus